High Quality Wireless Convention Rentals in Las Vegas

  • alt Small Systems
    We offer many varieties of small PA systems. Many of which are self-powered so there is no need to haul around external amplifiers and processors! We carry JBL, QSC, DAS, and GA systems for your concerts and corporate event production rentals!
  • alt Mid-Size PA Systems
    We carry JBL VRX and GA self-powered speakers which are perfect for any small or mid-size event! These systems are good to use for pole mounted speakers, flown as a line-array, ground stacked, or even as a monitor wedge. Great for crowds up to 2,000 people!
  • alt Large PA Systems
    For your large scale productions we carry large format PA systems! We offer EAW, JBL, L-Acoustics, and Meyer Sound. These systems are perfect for over 2,000 people.
  • alt Monitor Wedges
    We carry self-powered and passive monitor wedges! We carry Adamson, L'Acoustics, Martin, and GA monitor wedges.
  • alt Audio Consoles
    We carry analog and digital mixing consoles from Yamaha, Digidesign, Midas, Soundcraft, Behringer, and Mackie.
  • alt Wireless Microphones
    We offer Shure and Sennheiser wireless microphones. We carry Handheld and Lapel options for all models!
  • alt In-Ear-Monitors
    We carry Shure and Sennheiser In-Ear-Monitors for performing artists!